Welcome to the ProMRDS Web Site

Stinger CE with webcam

This web site contains information related to "Professional Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio". Here you can find the latest news and updates on the book and other useful information. The latest sample code from the book is available on CodePlex.

One of the robots featured in the book is the Stinger from RoboticsConnection (shown on the left). To use this robot you need to download and build the services from the RoboticsConnection web site.

MRDS is a continually evolving product. We will continue to update the sample code from the book to keep it up to date. If you have any code you would like to contribute, or requests for particular examples, then we would be happy to hear from you.

Several different companies have supported us by allowing us to use materials from their web sites including images and source code. We would like to acknowledge their support. See the Related Links page for more information.

The Microsoft RoboChamps web site is no longer available.

The latest version of the ProMRDS Samples Package for Microsoft RDS 2008 R3 is available from the ProMRDS CodePlex site. (The RDS 2008 R2 version is also available on CodePlex). The older RDS 2008 version is still available from the Downloads Page.